Monday, March 19, 2012

How to add gadgets on your blog

The first step is to log into Blogger with your Google account and click on the Design OR Layout link underneath the blog you want to change. 

Second step  

You will now see a screen that represents all the elements on your blog. You can add a new element to the side or bottom of this blog by clicking on the Add a Gadget link in either of those areas. 

Google offers a large selection of gadgets written by both Google and third parties. The categories are on the left, and there's a search box on the top to search for a gadget by keyword. If you don't find what you need, you can also select HTML/JavaScript and paste in your own code.
In this tutorial, we'll add the blogroll using the Blog List, so select it by pressing the blue plus sign next to the item.
If your gadget needs any configuration or editing, you'll be prompted to do that now. The Blog List gadget needs blogs to list, of course. You'll also want to change the title if you don't like the default "My Blog List," and you can change the settings to customize how it displays.
Click on the Add a blog to your list link to add blogs. You can add them by URL or you can import your blogs from Google Reader.

Now you'll see your layout view again. You can drag the elements around to rearrange them. You can click on the PREVIEW button to preview your changes in a new window.
Once you have everything arranged, click the SAVE button to save your changes.
If you end up with a gadget you don't want, click on the Edit button and select REMOVE.


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