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How to select Phonetic Layout in Inpage

Now lets start how can you do this. First you should have installed "InPage" any version, doesn`t matter.
Go to Edit menu and click on Preference and then one list will show up. Select Keyboard Preference.

After this one small Windows will appear. Change "Monotype" with "Phonetic" and click OK.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Top Business Schools in Pakistan

Students who intend to start a career in Business and Financial filed in Pakistan can get admission in the following top business schools in Pakistan. These business universities and institutions have campuses in almost all the city in Pakistan.

  • Karachi University
  • Air University Islamabad
  • Pakistan Institute of Management
  • University Of Sargodha
  • AIOU
  • VU
  • Preston University
  • Federal Urdu University Islamabad
  • University Of Punjab
  • Bahria University
  • Askari College of Business Administration & Computer Science
  • Asian Management Institute
  • Bahria Institute of Management and computer sciences Pakistan
  • COMMERCE Institute of Business Education Karachi
  • College of Business Management
  • College of E-commerce
  • College of Accounting and Management services
  • Government Islamia College of Commerce (Gicc) offering M.Com & B.Com affiliation with university of Punjab
  • Hailey college of commerce, University of Punjab
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
  • Institute of Commercial Science and Professional Education Hyderabad
  • IBA Sukkar
  • Institute of business administration Karachi
  • Institute of Cost and Management Accounts of Pakistan
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (NUST)
  • National college of Business Administration and Economics
  • The Institute of the chartered Accountants of Pakistan
  • University of Karachi, Department of Business Administration

Journalism and Mass Communication, Universities who offered programs in Journalism and Mass Communication in Pakistan

What is Journalism?

Journalism is defined as discipline of collecting, writing and reporting news, it includes the process of editing and presenting the news articles. Journalism relates to different media including newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. Youths are jumping towards career in journalism in Pakistan as there create tremendous jobs opportunities in journalism. Universities are offering courses in journalism and mass communication. Student can start a career in journalism in Pakistan by getting admission in diploma in journalism or master in journalism programs.

Universities who offered programs in Journalism and Mass Communication in Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Open University,

Islamabad Bahria University,

Islamabad Federal Urdu University of Arts,

Karakurun International University Gilgit,

Sciences and Technology Islamabad,

International Islamic University Islamabad,

Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad,

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan,

Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi,

Government College University Faisalabad,

Islamia University Bahawalpur,

Minhaj University Lahore,

University of Central Punjab Lahore,

University of Education Lahore,

University of Faisalabad, University of Gujrat,

University of Lahore,

University of the Punjab Lahore,

University of Sargodha,

University of South Asia Lahore,

Iqra University Karachi,

Jinnah University for Women Karachi,

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi,

Nazeer Hussain University Karachi,

Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur,

University of Karachi, University of Sindh Jamshoro,

University of Peshawar,

Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University Quetta,

University of Balochistan Quetta,

Al-Khair University AJK,

Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University AJK,

University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir,Muzaffarabad,AJK,

What is required to be a Journalist?

Those who want to choose journalism as career must follow some guidelines includes:

• The first obligation of a journalist is stick to “the truth”.

• They must remain independent about what they cover.

• They should exercise their personal conscience.

• They should be independent monitor of power.

• First loyalty is to the citizens.

• Strive to make the significant interesting and relevant.

• Journalist must know the importance of Verification of events.

• Keeping the news comprehensive and proportional is a key responsibility.

Privileges for Journalists in Pakistan

Journalists have enjoyed some privileges not enjoyed by members of the general public, including better access to public events, crime scenes and press conferences, and to extended interviews with public officials, celebrities and others in the public eye. These privileges are available because of the perceived power of the press to turn public opinion for or against governments, their officials and policies, as well as the perception that the press often represents their consumers. These privileges extend from the legal rights of journalists but are not guaranteed by those rights. Sometimes government officials may attempt to punish individual journalists who irk them by denying them some of these privileges extended to other journalists.

Journalists who cover conflicts, whether wars between nations or insurgencies within nations, often give up any expectation of protection by government, if not giving up their rights to protection by government. Journalists who are captured or detained during a conflict are expected to be treated as civilians and to be released to their national government.

Eligibility for those who want to be a Journalist In Pakistan

There is no specific condition or qualifications require joining the profession of journalism. Any body that has Master degree in any discipline i.e. M.A can join journalism. New comers initially are associated with a senior journalist where he gets training and learn skills. Despite that, one should have the following qualities before choosing journalism as career:

• Truthfulness and Strong character

• Impartiality and unbiased

• Well mannered and truthfulness

• Alert and intelligent

• Enthusiastic and fever

• Confident and Responsible

• Honest and sincere

• Diligent and Courageous

Career opportunities in Journalism

Journalism is getting popularity day by day. The way events are emerging round the world today, opportunities are increasing in this field. Print and electronic media offers tremendous career options in Journalism. The situation of journalism in Pakistan has totally changed now. Increase in literacy rate, industrial development and advancement in technology have pleasantly affected the print and electronic media in Pakistan. More than sixty news and entertainment television channels are broadcasting their Programs today. The traditional miserable situations of news papers are totally changed. Remunerations of the working journalists have increased approximately twenty times that of the pre partition time. More than 300 newspapers have been given declaration. Those who have proper qualification of journalism i.e. master degree in journalism or mass communication from a recognized university prove more successful in journalism. On the job training further open window of opportunities. It is therefore a very attractive career choice for the youth. Hardworking and aspiration to get perfection in this field result a very successful career.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

All Contact Numbers of GC University, Faisalabad.

P.A. to VC: +92-41-9200670
Registrar: +92-41-9201266
Info Center: +92-41-9200886

Fax : +92-41-9200671


Vice Chancellor Secretariat
  • VC Office: Prof. Dr. Zakir Hussain  9200670, 112
  • P.S to VC: Mr. Muhammad Irshad 112 9200671 Fax
  • VC Office: Ms. Amber Saleem Khan 113-115
  • Staff Officer: Major( R) Sajjad Haider 114 , 9201218
  • Research Officer: Ms. Asma Safdar 117
  • Dak (Mail) Section: Ms. Saira Siddique 118

Registrar Office
  • Registrar: Chaudhary Muhammad Mushtaq 9201266, 9239009,  121
  • PA to Registrar: Mr. Faisal Waseem 122, Fax 9201419
  • Deputy Registrar (Estt): Mr. Muhammad Ayub 9201208, 123
  • Deputy Registrar (Acad): Mr.M. Asif Lateef 9201453, 124
  • Assistant Registrar (Meetings): Mr. Aqeel Sultan 9200888, 125
  • Assistant (Acad): Mr. Usman Tahir 126
  • Assistant (Acad Branch ): Mr. Muhammad Aslam 127
  • Assistant Registrar ( SFAO): Ms. Saima Perveen 9201301, 128
  • I/c ACR Cell Estb.: Ms. Rehana Sattar 129
  • Establishment Branch (II): Mr. Asrar-ul-Haq 130
  • I/c Establishment Branch ( III ): Mr. M. Mohsin Murtaza 132
  • Assistant Registrar ( Estt): Ch.Taimur Nawaz Cheema 133
  • Assistant Registrar General: Mr. Shahzad Asad Khan 134
  • Assistant Registrar (Acad I): Ms. Rakshanda Maqsood 331
  • Assistant (Meetings): Mr. Tabraiz Hussain 382

Recruitment & Placement Bureau
  • Protocol Officer: Ms. Kiran Fatima 381, 9201418

Information Cell
  • Incharge, Information Cell: Mr. Bashir Ahmad Shahid 131, 9200886

Controller of Examination
  • Controller Examinations: Mr. Javed Aslam Bajwa 171, 9201209
  • PA to Controller Examinations: Mr. Naveed 172
  • Deputy Controller Examinations: Mr. Abdul Manan 173, 9200883
  • Incharge, Conduct Branch Exam: Mr. Muhammad Mustafa 174
  • Assistant, Controller Exam: Mr. Usman Niaz 175
  • Assistant Controller of Exam: Mr. Asim Ismail 176
  • Assistant Controller of Exam: Mr. Adnan Sarwar 179

Projects Management Unit ( PMU)
  • Dir Projects & Campus Develop: Col. Muhammad Latif (Retd) 151, 9201570, Fax 9201569
  • Acting Project Manager: Chaudhary Umar Din 152
  • Assistant Director Management: Mr. Umer Farooq 153
  • Project Officer (Admin): Mr. Muhammad Nazir Shaheen 154, 9201495
  • Assistant Engineers: 155
  • Quantity Surveyor: Mr. Sarwar Javid 156
  • Complaint Office: Mr. Khalid Saleem 158, 9201560
  • Computer Section: 159
  • A.E. (E & M): Mr. Muhammad Saleem 160

Directorate of Procurement & Inventory Control
  • Dir Procurement & Inventory: Mr. Jaweed Anjum 336, 9201030
  • Deputy Director( Purchase): Mr. Kalimullah Shaker 337, 9201496
  • Deputy Director (S & WH): Mr.Muhammad Majid Rana 338
  • Assistant Purchase Office: Ms. Khalida 339
  • Assistant Director (Store): Mr. Tariq 340
  • PA to DP & IC: Mr. Muhammad Asif 341
  • DP & I (Store): Mr. Fazal Mehmood 342

  • MTO: Mr. Saif-ur- Rehman 348
  • MT Park: 358

Estate Office
  • Estate Officer: Mr. Muhammad Arif Aslam 350

Directorate of Planning & Development
  • Dir Planning & Development: Dr. Haq Nawaz 191, 9201412
  • Assistant Director: Mr. Tauqir Akbar Sandhu 193

Directorate of Finance
  • Director Finance: Ghulam Safdar Mian 200, 9201574
  • Treasurer: Dr. M. Mushtaq-ul-Hassan 212, 9200035
  • PA to Director Finance: Mr. Amir Mahmood 201
  • Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Tariq Ismail Mayo 202, 9201573
  • Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Mazar Waseem 203
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Faweed Hafeez 204
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Ferhan Iqbal 205
  • Assistant Manager Finance (P & G): Mr. Faisal Asghar 207
  • Superintendent: Ms. Nadeem Saeed 208
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Mirza Sadaqat Ali 209
  • Assistant Treasurer: (Fee) Mr. Atif Ahmed 210
  • Deputy Treasurer: Mr.Shahbaz Raza 211
  • Record Branch (Senior Clerk): Mr. Haji Akram Javeed 213

Directorate of Sports
  • Director Sports: Mr. Muhammad Rafique 251, 9201228
  • Assistant Director Sports: Mr. Tanveer Ahmed 253
  • Assistant Director Sports: Mr. Ishfaq Ali 252

Audit Office
  • Resident Auditor: Mr. Rana Abdul Hameed 206, 9201229

Directorate of Security
  • Chief Security Officer: Major Muhammad Asghar Ghori 353, 9200669
  • Security Gate # 01 (Main Gate): 351
  • Security Gate # 02 Chenab Chowk: 352
  • Security Office: 354
  • Security Gate # 05: 355
  • Security Gate # 06: 356
  • Security Officer: Mr. Malik Ghulam Rasool Awan 357
  • ASI Police: Mr. Abid Hussain 359

Hall Council
  • Chairman, Hall Council: Mr. Sibgatullah Tahir 366, 9239122
  • Superintendent Federal Hostel: Ms. Musarat 368, 9201210
  • Lecturer Khadija Hostel: Ms. Bushra Rehman 369, 9200841
  • Lecturer: Mr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq 305

Advance Studies Department
  • Director Advance Studies: Mr. Naveed Shibli 375, 9200157

Applied Linguistics
  • Incharge, Applied Linguistics: Mr. Rashid Mahmood 282

Applied Psychology Department
  • Incharge, Psychology Dept.: Dr. Khalid Bhatti 311

Arabic Department
  • Chairman, Arabic Department: Dr. Ejaz Farooq Akram 161, 9201292
  • Department Office: 162
  • Director Research Arabic: Mr. Dr. Agha Saleem 163

Banking & Finance Department
  • Incharge, Bank & Finance Dept.: Mr. Muhammad Ishtiaq 9201454

Bio Informatics Department
  • Chairman, Bio informatics Dept.: Dr. Shahid Nadeem 374, 9201553
  • Lecturer Bio Informatics: Mr. Bilal Hussain 189
  • Lecturer, Departmental controler: Mr. Awais Gul Khan 190
  • Lecturer Bio Informatics: Mr. Aurangzeb Muzammil 380
  • Professor of Bioinformatics: Dr. M.I. Rajoka 309

Botany Department
  • Chairman, Botany Department: Mr. Dr. Mubashir Niaz 241, 9201488
  • Assistant Professor: Ms. Tehrima Iftikhar 242
  • Lecturer of Botany: Ms. Abida Kausar 243
  • Committee Room: 244
  • Associate Professor: Mr. Dr. Mubashir Niaz 245
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Iftikhar Ali 386
  • Professor of Botany: Dr. Farhat Fatima Jamil 387, 9200223
  • Plant Physiology Lab: Dr. Naeem Iqbal 388

Chemistry Department
  • Chairman, Chemistry Department: Dr. Abdul Jabbar 261, 9201032
  • Professor of Chemistry: Dr. Altaf Hussain 262
  • Students Coordinator: Mr. M. Yousaf Somore 263
  • Research Director: Dr. Saira Shahzadi 264
  • Staff Office: Mr. Muhammad Waheed 265
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Muhammad Kaleem 394
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. M. Asghar Jamal 395

Commerce Department
  • Chairman, Commerce Dept.: Mr. Bashir Ahmad Shahid 286, 9201460

Directorate of Engineering & Computer Sciences
  • Chairman Div. of Engg. Comp. Sciences: Engr. M. Afzal Sipra 138, 9201565
  • PA to Chairman DECS: Mr. Muhammad Umair Abid 137
  • Assistant Professor: Mr. Abdul Rauf Bhatti 136
  • Associate Professor DECS: Mr. Nusrullah 139
  • Associate Professor: Mr. Iqbal Hussain 140
  • Assistant Professor Telecom Engg. Dept: Mr. Ibrahim Khan 141
  • Assistant Professor: Mr. Usman Ahmad 143
  • Coordinator, Telecom Engg. Dept.: Mr. Ubaid-ullah 144
  • Coordinator, Exam DECS: Ms. Shawahid 145

Directorate of Students Affairs
  • Deputy Director Student Affairs: Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Khan 246, 9200889
  • Assistant Office: Mr. Tariq Mehmood 247

  • MO Dispensary: Dr. Asim Iqbal 109
  • WMO Dispensary: Dr. Misbah Ishtiaq 110

Economics Department
  • Chairman, Economics Dept.: Mr. Muhammad Arshad 291, 9201478

Education Department
  • Incharge, Education Department: Dr. Shafqat Hussain 301, 9201556
  • Office Assistant: Mr. Syed Yasir Abbas 302

English Department
  • Incharge, English Department: Mr. Mazar Hayat 281, 9201413

Environmental Sciences
  • Chairman, Environmental Sciences: Dr. Ahmad Saeed Bhatti 276, 9201566
  • Associate Professor: Dr. Khalid Farooq 277
  • Department Office: Ms. Sidra 278
  • Lecturer: Ms. Zain-un- Nisa 279
  • Assistant Professor: Mr. Muhammad Siddique 280

Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences
  • Incharge, Business Admin. Dept.: Mr. Ausaf-ul-Haq 147, 9201167
  • Coordinator, Management Sciences: Dr. Muhammad Abrar 146, 9239007
  • Lecturer: Mr. Sohail Raza Chohan 150
  • Lecturer Management Sciences: Ms. Ambreen Zainab 135
  • Assistant: Mr. Tariq 398

Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Principal Faculty of Pharmacy: Dr. Maqsood Ahmad 257, 9201036
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Muhammad Hidayat Rasool 256
  • Assistant Professor: Mr. Muhammad Saleem 258
  • Lab Manager: Mr. Mehmood Chengzee 259
  • PA to Principal Faculty of Pharmacy: Mr. Malik Wasim 260

Geography Department
  • Incharge, Geography Dept.: Mr. Sibgatullah Tahir 316, 9201332

Home Economics Department
  • Incharge, Home Economics: Ms. Ferhana Nosheen 166, 9201440

Horticulture & Landscaping
  • Manager, H & L: Mr. Rana Iftikhar Sarwar 347

Information Technology (Server Room)
  • Incharge, Server Room: Mr. Ahmed Salman Mirza 101, 9200207
  • Complaint Receiver Room: 102

Industrial Chemistry
  • Incharge, Industrial Chemistry: Prof. Dr. M. Zuber 393, 9200037
  • Lecturer, Member Acad. Council: Mr. Shahzad Ali Shahid Chatta 373

Industerial Management Department
  • Incharge, Indus Manag. d=Dept.: Ms. Aisha Imtiaz 142, 9201416
  • Department Office: Mr. Syed Arif Bilal 399

Faculty of Islamic Studies & Oriental Learning
  • Coordinator, Islamic & Oriental: Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Qurashi 195, 9200158

Islamic studies Department
  • Chairman, Islamic Studies Dept.: Dr. Mehfooz Ahmed 197, 9201559
  • Associate Professor: Dr. Mudassar Ahmed 199
  • Associate Professor: Mr. Dr.M. Sharif Shakir 391

  • Incharge, Main Library: Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq 326
  • Liberian/ Quaid-e- Azam Block: Mr. Tariq Latif 327
  • Assistant Liberian/ Takbeer Block: Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Tariq 328
  • Junior Clerk Library (Zoology): Mr. Waseem Ahmed 329
  • Liberian Basic Sciences Block: Ms. Anila Shamim 330
  • Liberian Mian Yousaf Block: Mr. Tayyab Irfan Falki 376
  • Liberian/ Quaid-e- Azam Block: Mr. Iftikhar Ashraf 377
  • Library Assistant (Pharmacy Dept.): Mr. M. Wasim Zafar 378
  • Library Mian Yousaf Block: Mr. Rafique Shahid 379

Law Department
  • Director/ Head of Law: Mr. Zill-i- Atif 226, 9200152
  • Department Office: Mr. Tehzib-ul- Hassan 227
  • Lecturer: Mr. Hassan Tariq 228
  • Legal Advisor: Mr. Mushtaq 229
  • Library Assistant: Mr. Naseem Bari 230

Mass Communications
  • Incharge, Mass Communication: Ms. Salma Umber 222, 9201415
  • Incharge, Mass Communication: Ms. Salma Umber 221
  • Assistant: Mr. Muhammad Imran Hanif 223

Mathematics Department
  • Chairman, Mathematics Dept.: Mr. Muhammad Javaid Iqbal 267, 9239107

Physics Department
  • Chairperson Physics Department: Mr. M. Ateeq Khan Shahid 231, 9201372
  • Director: Q.E.C. 232
  • Associate Professor Physics: 233
  • Asst Prof. Coordinator Exam: Mr. Muhammad Ismail 234
  • Associate Professor Physics: Mr. M. Ateeq Khan Shahid 235
  • Incharge, Students Affairs: Mr. All-e-Abass 236
  • PA to Chairman Physics: Mr. Nisar Ahmad Anjum 237

Quality Enhancement Cell
  • Coordinator/ Deputy Director: Ms. Uzma Waseem 238, 9200036
  • Staff Office QEC: 239

Pakistan Studies Department
  • Chairperson, Pakistan Studies: Dr. Mughees Ahmed 271, 9201428
  • Staff Office: Mr. Abdul Qadir Mushtaq 272

Political Science Department
  • Incharge, Political Science: Prof. Dr. Zulfaqar Ali Chugtai 306, 9201211

Public Administration Department
  • Incharge, Public Admin Dept.: Mr. Syed Afraz Gillani 148, 9201452
  • Lecturer: Mr. Muhammad Zia-ud-din 149

Punjabi Department
  • Chairman, Punjabi Department: Dr. Shaukat Ali Qamar 308

Research Research
  • Director, Research: Mr. Mubasher Niaz 245

Social Sciences
  • Editor Journal Social Sciences: Mr. Ghulam Ghous 371

Sociology Department
  • Inchrage, Sociology Dept.: Mr. Muhammad Farooq 192, 9201563

Statistics Department
  • Chairman, Statistics Department: Mr. Muhammad Arshad Javed 296, 9201461
  • Office Statistics Dept.: Mr. Naveed 297

Student Counseling Cell
  • Advisor, Student Counseling Cell: Ms. Shazia Samdani 334, 9239108

Telecommunication Office
  • Senior Technician / Supervisor: Mr. Nazir Ahmad 300, 9201312
  • Telecomm & Staff Complaint: Mr. Jahanzaib 303

Urdu Department
  • Chairman, Department of Urdu: Dr. Afzal Ahmad Anwar 321, 9200672
  • Library Lectures: Ms. Rabia Sarfraz 322
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Shabier Ahmed Qadri 323
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. M. Asif Awan 324
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Ashraf Kamal 325
  • Lecturer: Ms. Tanzeela Kanwal 396

Zoology Department
  • Chairperson Zoology Dept: Dr. Muhammad Hassan 181, 9201206
  • Associate Professor Zoology: Dr. Mushtaq-ul- Hassan 182
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Salma Sultana 183
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Laiq Ahmed 184
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. M. Akbar Khan 185
  • Assistant Professor: Dr. Abdul Ghafoor 186
  • Lab Assistant: Mr. Aqeel-ur- Rehman 187

GC University Degree College
  • Principal (UDC): Mr. Muhammad Tahir 361, 9201207, 9239184
  • Admin Officer: Mr. Muhammad Yousaf 362
  • Lecturer, Incharge Library: Mr. Sakhawat Ali 363
  • Secretary Sports: Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Chattha 364
  • Staff Room UDC: 365

Faisalabad Institute of Textile & Fashion Design
  • Acting Project Director FITFD: Mrs. Tehmina Afzal 9201226
  • FITFD Exchange: 9200059

  • National Bank of Pakistan: Mr. Saleem Altaf 9201458, 198

Post Office GCUF
  • Post Master: Mr. Anwar Mukhtar 9201224, 9201225

Thursday, September 4, 2014

List of Homeopathic medical colleges of Pakistan


H/Dr Abrar Ahmad Qurishi , Principal
Abbottabad Homeopathic Medical College,
Near National Bank, College Road, Mandian
Tel No. 0992 / 380295

H/Dr. Mrs. Shafqat Altaf, Principal
Abbott Homoeopathic Medical College,
Post Office Ayub Medical College,
Abbottabad .(NWFP)
Tel No. 0992 / 380457

H/Dr Qazi Abdul Hai, Principal
Ahad Homoeopathic Medical College
Tipu Sultan Shaheed Colony,
Jamal Din Wali Road,
Sadiqabad (Distt.R.Yar khan) (Punjab)
Tel No. 0702 / 71456

H/Dr M. Ahmad Principal
Ahmad Homeopathic Medical College
Khothi No 22, Block No 18
Sarwar Shaeed Road
Jauharabad (khusab) Punjab
Tel No. 0454 / 720602

H/Dr S Munawar Hussain, Principal
Allama Iqbal Homoeopathic College
Hakim Khadim all road, Near Passport Office,
Inside Allama Iqbal Road,
Sialkot (Punjab)
Tel No 0432 / 586278, 580870
Res. 510227

H/Dr. Main M Siddique, Principal
Allied Homoeopathic Medical College,
27 Wali Sarak, Ghafoor Colony,
Ghafoor Chowk, St No 8
Okara (Punjab)
Tel No. 0442 / 512836 P.P

H/Dr. Nasir Mahmood Javed, Principal,
Al-Awan Homoeopathic Medical College
Muslim Town, Multan Road,
Tel. No. 04942 / 421998

H/Dr. M. Akram Siddique, Principal,
Al-Falah Homoeopathic Medical College,
Housing Colony, Near Paniwali Tanik,
Tel. No. 0462 / 4905

H/Dr. Amjad Naeem Chaudhry, Principal,
Al-Haseeb Homoeopathic Medical College,
31, Farooq Colony, Opp: Girls Inter College,
Tel. No. 0451 / 722284

H /Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Akhtar, Principal,
Al-Khair Homoeopathic Medical College,
D.C.Complex Road, Near General Bus Stand
Tel. No. 0694 /3557, 410835

H/Dr. Sher Daraz Khan, Principal,
Al-Mumtaz Homoeopathic Medical College,
Near Railway Gate,
Tel. No. 0928 / 612342

H/Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Principal,
Al-Murad Homoeopathic Medical College
Pak Pattan Chowk,
Tel No. 0441 / 61666, 61777, 61333

H/Dr Muhammad Hussain Monis, Principal
Al-Munis Homoeopathic Medical College
1 - Bano Bazar,
Rahim Yar Khan, 64000 (PUNJAB)
Tel No.

H/Dr. Akthar Mehmood Ansari, Principal
Al Qamar Homoeopathic Medical
College, 130,131, Shamsa Abad, Eid Ghah Road
Multan (Punjab.)
Tel. No. 061 / 580008.

H/Dr. Abdul Shakoor, Principal
Al- Sehat Homoeopathic Medical College,
925, Ghulam Rasul Nagar,
Near Sarfaraz Colony.
Faisal Abad. (Punjab).
Tel No. 0411 / 781119 & 715296.

H/Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Rao, Principal,
Al-Shams Homoeopathic Medical College,
Chishtian, Park Colony.
Chishtian (Bahawalnagar) Punjab.
Tel No. 0695 / 2244.

H/Dr. Shahabuddin Umer, Principal,
Al-Umer Homeopathic Medical College, Eid Ghah Road,
Near Railway Masjid,
Bahawalnagar. (Punjab).
Tel No. Office: 0631 / 72939
Res: 73939.

H/Dr. Farooq Ali Ansari, Principal,
Dr. Ansari Homoeopathic Medical College,
B.S.6, Block -18 F.B. Area,
Samanabad Bus Stop , Dr. Ansari Clinic,
Karachi. (Sindh).
Tel No. 021 / 634991, 6344992,
Fax: 6363350 Res: 673815.

H/Dr. M.B. Javed Awan, Principal,
Anwarul Islam Homoeopathic Medical College,
Kasur. (Punjab).
Tel No: 0492 / 5477, 761877

H/Dr. M. Ashraf Siddiqui, Principal,
Ashraf Homoeopathic Medical College, 93, Mclode Road,
Near Australia Crossing,
Lahore. (Punjab).
Tel No: 042 / 6369424 , 6367986.

H/Dr Muhammad Sarwar, Principle
ASIA Homocopathic Medical College
F-25, SatelliteTown, Gojra road
Tel No. 047 / 620953, 5397

H/Dr. Shahid Habib, Principal
Avecenna Homoeopathic Medical College,
W-12, Housing Colony, Girls College Road
Chichawatni (Distt Sahiwal), Punjab
Tel. No. 0445 / 610812

H/Dr. Muhammad Nawaz, Principal
Bahawalpur Homoeopathic Medical College
Baitul Muslameen, Model Town “B”
Bahawalpur (PUNJAB)
Tel .No 0621 / 875817

H/Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Gohar, Principal
Bahu Homoeopathic Medical College
House No. 7, Street “L”, Zeshan Colony
Kamalia (Distt T.T. Singh) Punjab
Tel. No 0463 / 413565, 0462 / 526250

H/Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Principal
Balochistan Homoeopathic Medical College
Jinnah Town, Summunghli Road,
Quetta, (Balochistan)
Tel No. 0463 / 413565, 0462 / 526250

H/Dr. Abdul Rasheed Shaheen, Principal
Burewala Homeopathic Medical College
Gulshan Rehman Town
Post Box No. 48, Multan Road
Burewala. (Punjab)
Tel No. 0447 / 54663

H/Dr. Muhammad Arshad, Principal
Bilal Homoeopathic Medical College
Behind Residence of Chief Officer Baldia
Near Baby Park Haroonabad
Behawalnagar (PUNJAB)
Tel.No. 0691 /2413

H/Dr. Nasir Choudhry, Principal
Capital Homoeopathic Medical College,
Plot No. 22, G-9 Markaz
Tel. No. 051 / 256986, 261986

H/Dr. Zia Ul Qamar, Principal
Chenab Homoeopathic Medical College
Near Soldier Board, Tehsil Road,
Jhang Saddar (Punjab)
Tel. No. 0471 / 613775, 622569

H/Dr. Malik Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan, Principal
Chakwal Homoeopathic Medical College
Opp. General Bus Stand,
Talagang Road,
Chakwal (Punjab)
Tel. No. 0573 / 2954 / 583502

H/Dr. M Qazi Abdul Subhan Tariq, Principal
D.G. Khan Homeopathic Medical College
46-Z, Model Town,
Dera Ghazi Khan (Punjab)
Tel No. 0641 / 62366

H/Dr. M Aslam Dar Danish, Principal
Danish Homoeopathic Medical College
Main Street, Habib Colony,
Batti Chowk, Faisalabad Road,
Sheikhupura (Punjab)
Tel No. 04931 /56448 Fax No. 04931

L/H/Dr. Rubina Kausar, Principal
Faisalabad Homoeopathic Medical College for woman
Raja Road, Gulistan Colony
Faisalabad. (Punjab)
Tel No. 0451 / 215620, 215870

H/Dr. Tahir Farooq, Principal
Farabi Homoeopathic Medical College,
57 / C, Satellite Town
Sargodha, (Punjab)
Tel No. 0451 / 215620, 215870

Dr. Muhammed Ishaq, Principal
Faran Homoeopathic Medical College
248/249, Lalazar Town,
Near Qainchi More, Lahore Road,
Tel.No. 0451 / 210239

  • H/Dr. (Lt Col) M. Siddiq Anwar, Principal
Faiz Homoeopathic Medical College,
Shakargarh Road, Near S.P Office
Narowal. (PUNJAB)
Tel. No. 04343 /

H/Dr Maqsood Sadiq, Principal
Faiz Homoeopathic Medical College,
Tallamba Road, Near Gird Station,
Mian Channu. (Distt.Khanewal)
Tel No.

H/Dr (Capt) Ghayur Ahmad Khan, Principle,
Frontier Homoeopathic Medical College,
15-B, Phase V, Hayatabad
Peshawar (N.W.F.P)
Tel. No. 091 / 816613-14 (College)
Res. 45444

  • H/Dr .Ghulam Ali Tahir Baig,
Gojra Homoeopathic Medical College
Gulshan-e-Tufail Toba Tek Singh
Gojra (Distt Faisalabad) (Punjab)
Tel.No.04651 / 511509

  • H/Dr Qazi Abdul Qayyum, Principle,
Gomal Homoeopathic Medical College
University Road,
Dera Ismail Khan (N.W.F.P)
Tel No.0529 / 6427

H/Dr.Syed M. S. Saim Bkhari, Principle,
Ghausia Homoeopathic Medical College,
Basti Abdullah,
Depalpur (Distt Okara) (Punjab)
Tel No. 0441 / 541682 (College)
Office: 540682, Residence: 2114

  • H/Dr. Asghar Ali, Principal
Hahnemann Homoeopathic Medical College
Opp: Faisalabad Grammer high School & College
Behind Saleemi Gas filling Station,
Kohi - e- Noor Nagar
Faisalabad ( Punjab)
Tel No. 041 / 547914

H/Dr. Shafat Ali Qadri, Principal
Dr. Hameed Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College
7 Empress Road,
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 6306267, 6304657, 6363664

H/Dr.Sabir Shamim, Principal
Haripur Homoeopathic Medical College 
Railway Road, Haripur (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0995 / 4483

L/H/Dr Dr. Mrs Farhat Munir Malik, Principal
Hazara Homoeopathic Medical College
Ghazi Kot,
Mansehra (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0987 / 302170

H/Dr. Muhammad Hafeezullah, Principal
The Homoeopathic Medical College
Sialkot Road, Umar Building, Choti Civil Lines
Gujranwala, (Punjab)
Tel No 0431 / 216633, 216647
Res. 83539, 84759

H/Dr. M Yousaf Mirza, Principal
Hussain Memorial Homoeopathic Medical college,
206 - Usman Parak,
Gulberg - III
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 5763484, 577604

H/Dr. Muhammad Tayyab
Hajvari Homoeopathic Medical College
Civil Hospital Road, Opp Race Course Ground
Sahiwal. (Punjab)
Tel No. 0441 / 74793 (College)
Res. 53337

H/Dr. Sayyed Mushtaq Hussain Bukhari, Principal
Helen Homoeopathic Medical College,
Bahwalpur Road,
Lodhran (Punjab)
Tel No. 06517 / 

H/Dr. Khalid Mahmood Ch., Principal
Iqra Homoeopathic Medical College
Ghafoor Colony, 27 Wali Sarak, G.T Road
Okara (Punjab)
Tel No. 0422 / 513825

H/Dr Irfan Wali, Principal,
Islamabad Homoeopathic Medical College
12-K,G-7 Markaz, Sittara Market
Tel.No. 051 / 204170

H/Dr. Prof Abdul Razzaque Ch.,Principal
Jhelum Homoeopathic Medical College
Akhtar Plaza, Near Jada Chungi
G. T. Road, Jhelum Cantt, Punjab
Tel No. 05141 / 2266 & 625166

  • H/Dr. Munawar Naqvi, Principal
Johar Homoeopathic Medical College,
By Pass Road, Near WAPDA Scrap Colony,
Khanpur, Distt Rahim Yar Khan (Punjab)
Tel No. 0707 / 72761, 73932, 73942.

H/Dr Muhammad Ali, Principal
Jinnah Homoeopathic Medical College
BS-4, Block-18, F.B. Area
Karachi. (SINDH)
Tel No. 021 / 6367789, 638122

H/Dr Khalid Javed Qureshi, Principal,
Kamal Homoeopathic Medical College
G. T. Road Gujar khan,
Rawalpindi (Punjab).
Tel.No. 0571 / 310707

9 +++++++++++

H/Dr. Karar Hussain, Principal
Karachi Homoeopathic medical College
Area C-1, 636-D, 37/D, Landhi 2
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 5010486, 5018406

H/Dr. Malik M Zafar Iqbal, Principal
Khanewal Homoeopathic medical College
College Stop Jahanian, By Pass Road,
Khanewal. (Punjab)
Tel No. 0692 / 51724, 2063

  • H/Dr.Ashraf Khan, Principal
Khushal Homoeopathic medical College
Near Masjid Zakaria, Sheikhabad, Gulbahar Road
Peshawar (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 091 / 502273, 504473

H/Dr. S. Muzaffar Hussain Zaidi, Principal
Khurshid Memorial Homoeopathic medical College
King Road, P.O. Sohawa Bolani
Mandi Bahauddin, (Punjab)
Tel No. 0456 / 502273, 504473

H/Dr. Maqsood Ahmed, Principal
Khyber Homoeopathic medical College
Fazal Colony, By Pass Road
Mardan (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0931 / 71036

H/Dr. Muhammad Amin Tariq, Principal
King Fahd Homoeopathic medical College
1-D/36, Orangi Town
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 6666927, 6666228, 6658844

H/Dr. Zubair Islam, Principal
Kohat Homoeopathic medical College
Near Gulfam Patrol Pump, Hangu Road
Kohat (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0522 / 5111152

H/Dr. Tauqeer Ahmad, Principal
Kohsar Homoeopathic medical College
53 / C-1, Sattelite Town, Near Chandni Chowk
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No. 051 / 425583

H/Dr. Saleem Shahzad Raja, Principal
Kent Homoeopathic medical College
Hazara Road, Ghausia Chowk
Mehmoodabad, Hassanabdal (Punjab)
Tel No. 

H/Dr. M Iqbal Kasuri, Principal
Lahore Homoeopathic medical College
91, Beadon Road
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 7244455, 7221733

H/Dr. Hassan Akhtar, Principal
Millat Homoeopathic medical College
Shahzad Street, Bhimber Road
Gujrat (Punjab)
Tel No. 0433 / 522382

H/Dr. Muhammad Amin Khan, Principal
Muhammadi Homoeopathic medical College
23,24 Darakshan Housing Society
Kala Board Main Market
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 4506620, 4503058, 4517213

H/Dr. Majeed Rabbani Malik, Principal
Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Homoeopathic medical Degree College
G.T Road,
Wazirabad (Punjab)
Tel No. 0437 / 3258, 600258, 4536

H/Dr. Misbahul Haq Qureshi, Principal
Multan Homoeopathic medical College
Near Commissioner Office, Khawaja abad
Multan (Punjab)
Tel No. 061 / 34028, Res: 554546
061 / 554545, Fax: 511161

H/Dr. Mahmood Ul Haq Abassi, Principal
Murree Homeopathic Medical College,
Abassi Building, Sunni Bank
Murree (Punjab)
Tel No.0593 /410142

H/Dr. Muhammad Nazir Muslim, Principal
Muslim Homoeopathic medical College
Airport Road, 
Rahim Yar Khan (Punjab)
Tel No. 0731 / 74783, Clinic: 72683
Res: 79183, 83131, 77883

H/Dr. Muhammad Akbar Ali, Principal
Drs. Nasir & Akbar Homoeopathic medical College
B-43, Far’s Complex Opposite Karachi Expo Centre
Main University Road,
Block 13-D, Gulshan -e- Iqbal
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 4962585

H/Dr. Gulzar Kayani, Principal
National Homoeopathic medical College
112, Rahim Plaza, Muree Road
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No. 051 / 582859

H/Dr. Mazhar Ali Bhatti, Principal
Nisar Memorial Homoeopathic medical College
2575/76, Justice Hameed Colony, Nishtar Road
Multan (Punjab)
Tel No. 061 / 542235, 570205

H/Dr. Masood Rahahi, Principal
Noor Homoeopathic medical College
91 Ferozpur Road, Ichra More
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 480973, 7580858
042 / 7586250, 7580973

H/Dr. Noor, Principal
Dr. Noor Homoeopathic medical College
9 Shams Abad,
Multan (Punjab)
Tel No. 

H/Dr. M. Azhar Hussain Ashrafi, Principal,
Nawabshah Homoeopathic Medical College,
Hajan Aisha Manzil,
Opposite Nawabshah House, Gharibabad
Nawab Shah (Sindh)
Tel No.0241 / 61718

H/Dr. Waheed Ahmed, Principal
Nusrat Homoeopathic Medical College,
4 Patel Road
Quetta. (Balochistan)

  • L/H/Dr. Razia Zafar, Principal (Girls Section)
H/Dr. Raisul Qadr, Principal (Boys Section)
Pakistan Central Homoeopathic Medical College
& Hospital, V-3,33 P.B. ST-3,
Opp: Jinnah College, Nizamabad-5
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No.021/6618332-33

  • H/Dr. Khalid Masood, Principal,
Pakistan Homoeopathic Medical College,
Muhammad Nagar
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 630376, 6366697
6302360, 6304118

H/Dr. Sheraz Kayani, Principal,
Potohar Homoeopathic Medical College,
Sector 4-B/2, Khyban-E-Sir Syed,
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No.051 / 418338

H/Dr. M. A. Nadeem, Principal
Punjab Homoeopathic Medical College,
Faisalabad (Punjab)
Tel.No. 041 / 617148

H/Dr. Khalid, Principal
Punjab Sarhad Homoeopathic Medical College,
Muslim Bazar,
Bhakkar (Punjab)
Tel No. 410021 / 2712


H/Dr. Muhammad Hashmi Chishti, Principal
Punjnad Homeopathic Medical College
Alipur, Distt Muzaffar Garh, (Punjab)
Tel No. 06511 / 2961

H/Dr. Liaqat Ali Rajput, Principal
Rajput Homeopathic Medical College
Kacha Eminabad Road, Opp:Behari Colony,
Near Peoples Colony,
Gujranwala (Punjab)
Tel No. 0431 / 52473, 272660, 275497
Office: 212260, 217149

H/Dr. (Capt) Saulat Javeed, Principal
Rawalpindi Homeopathic Medical College
187-B Mayo Road,
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No. 051 / 562535

H/Dr Badruddin Farooqui, Principal
Royal Homeopathic Medical College
Stadium Road Near Radio Station
Bahawalpur (Punjab)
Tel No. 0621 / 881259 (Res)
0621 / 877891 (College)

H/Dr. Habib-ud-Din, Principal
Sara Homeopathic Medical College
Canal Road, Bijli Ghar,
Mardan (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0931 / 66703

H/Dr. Din Muhammad, Principal
Sarhad Homoeopathic Medical College,
Near National Bank, Hakim Road,
Nowshera (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0923 / 2414

H/Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Principal
Sanghar Homoeopathic Medical College,
Sinjhore Road,
Sanghar (Sind)
Tel No. 2346 / 42761

H/Dr. Haji Ahmed Hussain, Principal
Shaheen Homoeopathic Medical College,
1422, Dehli Road, Lahore Cantt,
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 6662739 (College) 

H/Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Principal
Sukkhur Homoeopathic Medical College,
Bangalow No. 41-A, Sindh Muslim Society,
Military Road, Opposite Public School
Sukhar (Sindh)
Tel No. 071 / 31462

Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Homoeopathic Medical College,
1732 / 538, Baldia Township No. 3,
Karachi - 75760 (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 2574040, Fax: 2564778
Res: 021 / 2563326m Mobile: 0303-7287930

H/Dr. Tariq Mahmood Malik, Principal
Sargodha Homoeopathic Medical College,
35 / C, Satellite Town,
Sargodha (Punjab)
Tel No. 051 / 5950833

H/Dr. Arshad , Principal
Khokhar Homoeopathic Medical College,
Khokhar House, Kamli Street, New Furniture Market,
Gujrat (Punjab)
Tel No. 

H/Dr. Abdul Waheed, Principal
Shalimar Homoeopathic Medical College,
159-B, Gulzar-e-Quaid, Airport Road,
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No. 051 / 5950833

H/Dr. Gul Rehman, Principal
St. John Homoeopathic Medical College,
Empress Market, Saddar,
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 7210500, 7210600, 7210506

H/Dr. R. A. Bukhari, Principal
Sughra Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College,
F-89, Block - B, North Nazimabad
Karachi (Sindh)
Tel No. 021 / 6643450

H/Dr. Farukh Ismail Nami, Principal
Sindh Homoeopathic Medical College,
Talab No. 3, Guru Nagar
Hyderabad (Sindh)
Tel No. 0221 / 783555, 34143
Res: 0221 / 780666, 780888
Clinic: 0221 / 783555, 784555

H/Dr. Muhammad Faroo, Principal
Swabi Homoeopathic Medical College,
Jehangira Road, Mall Lar,
Swabi (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0938 / 221664

H/Dr. Abdul Hafeez, Principal
Swat Homoeopathic Medical College,
Marghuzar Road, Shagai Saidu Sharif
Swat (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0936 / 6401, 091 / 431000 (Peshwar)

H/Dr. Saif Ullah Khan, Principal
Subhan Homoeopathic Medical College,
Aqil Pur Road, Near Police Line
Rajanpur, Distt: D.G. Khan (Punjab)
Tel No. 06516 / 688400

L/H/Dr. Zeba Nazneen Kayani, Principal
Sheeraz Homoeopathic Medical College,
Station Road,
Fateh Jhang (Punjab)
Tel No. 

H/Dr. Tahir Abbas, Principal
Tahir Homoeopathic Medical College,
Purani Khothi Mian Akbar, Khawajgan Road,
Gujrat (Punjab)
Tel No. 0433 / 513949

H/Dr. M Javed Iqbal, Principal
Tariq Homoeopathic Medical College,
Faiz Colony, Canal Road,
Toba Tek Singh (Punjab)
Tel No. 0462 / 3111

H/Dr Ghulam Raza Rizvi, Principal
Thal Homoeopathic Medical College
Near District Account Office
Layyah. (Punjab).
Tel No. 0694 / 412145, 412146
0694 / 412226 & 2012

H/Dr Javeed Iqbal, Principal
Takbeer Homoeopathic Medical College
Building No. MCB 12/8
(P-Tex.No B-VI-17), Opposite Civil Club
Chakwal (Punjab)
Tel No. 0573 / 2370

H/Dr.Yousaf Arain, Principal
Universal Homoeopathic Medical College
Railway Phattak, Multan Road
Pattoki, Kasur (Punjab)
Tel No. 0492 / 423727 (College)
0492 / 762664 (Residence)

H/Dr Rubina Qureshi, Principal
Usama Homoeopathic Medical College
Commissioner Road
Sialkot, (Punjab)
Tel No. 0432 / 510433, 580870

H/Dr Muhammad Sheeraz Kayani, Principal
United Homoeopathic Medical College for Women,
Plot No 4, House No Scheme Sarwar Road,
Rawalpindi (Punjab)
Tel No. 

H/Dr. Qazi Shamus ud Din, Principal
Vehari Homoeopathic Medical College, 167-G
Vehari (PUNJAB)
Tel No. 0693 / 2151, 64431 (College)
0693 / 62231-32 (Res)

H/Dr Saleem Raza Raja, Principal
Wah Homoeopathic Medical College
A-110, Arbi Street Lala Rukh,
Wah Cantt.(Punjab)
Tel No.05679 / 510570

H/Dr.Iftikhar Waris, Principal
Waris Shah Homoeopathic Medical College,
210-Rustam Park, Near Umer Market,
More Samanabad Multan Road,
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 7465258

H/Dr.Haji Niazuddin, Principal
Yasir Niaz Homoeopathic Medical College
Sadiq Street,3-S/6, Near Karmanabad Stop,.
Muslim Town, Main Wahdat Road,
Lahore (Punjab)
Tel No. 042 / 5866158

H/Dr.Sajjad Anwar, Principal
Yousaf Niaz Homoeopathic Medical College
Topi Road,
Swabi (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0938 / 221680

H/Dr.Salam Hameed, Principal
Zakariya Homoeopathic Medical College,
Near Mazar Shah Shamas Tabraize,
Shah Shamas Road,
Multan (Punjab)

L/H/Dr. Humaira Shafiq Alvi, Principal
Zia Shaheed Homoeopathic Medical College
Hospital & Research Center, Chonawala Road,
Hasilpur (Punjab)
Tel No.0696 / 42332, 2158
0696 / 42019 (Residence)

H/Dr. Raiz Muhammed Riaz, Principal
Al-Sehat Homoeopathic Medical College
413, Jinnah Colony,
Police Station:Gulburg, National Hospital Road,
Faisalabad (Punjab)
Tel No. 0411 / 631699

H/Dr. Muslim Shah, Principal
Charsadda Homoeopathic Medical College
Opp: PSO Petrol Pump, Mardan Road,
Charsadda (N.W.F.P)
Tel No. 0912 / 513634

H/Dr. Imran, Principal
City Homoeopathic Medical College,
Near Marriage Hall, G.T Road,
Gujranwala (Punjab)