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John Deere Drive Green

John Deere Drive Green

John Deere: Drive Green is a simulation game with a unique and interesting farming experience. You are a farmer doing various jobs for other farmers to earn money and improve your own farm and equipment. You'll get behind the wheel of a number of authentic John Deere machines as you tackle jobs such as plowing or spraying fields. You'll have to work quickly but efficiently to complete the jobs and earn the most money.

Farming is Just Better on John Deere Rigs

You start off your farming career with only limited and basic equipment. To earn more money and improve your own farm, you'll first need to earn money by doing jobs for other farmers. Successfully completing jobs will earn you money (John Deere dollars) that can be used to buy new machines. You can use the experience you gain doing jobs for other farmers and the machines you buy to grow and harvest crops on your own farm. You must also maintain your property and tackle simply tasks such as mowing your lawn.

Pick A Job and Get'er Done!

There are fifteen different jobs available in John Deere: Drive Green. Each job places you in control of an authentic John Deere machine in a unique location. One job will have you harvesting crops with a 9860 STS Combine in a field, while another will have you using a CX20 mower to cut the grass on a golf course. Other jobs have duties that range from planting seeds to spraying crops. Although each job explores a different machine and aspect of farming, the gameplay does not differ significantly from one job to the next. It may be realistic, but can also be repetitive. Additionally, working on a large field can be boring as you'll need to drive around it many times to complete the job.

Easy Controls

John Deere: Drive Green is not a very difficult game when it comes to controls or gameplay. The controls needed for each machine are clearly laid out before you need to use them, and can be referenced via the menu. Vehicles are moved with the WASD keys, while their implements (like a mower or plow) are activated with the Space Bar. Gameplay is not very difficult either, with jobs consisting of simply driving your John Deere machine around a field until you have sufficiently covered it. However, covering a field more efficiently will earn you more John Deere dollars than randomly or poorly covering the field would.

Unique Theme For Farming Dudes and Dudettes

John Deere: Drive Green has an unusual and intriguing farming theme present throughout all aspects of the game. From the clothing of your character to the detailed and realistic John Deere vehicles, you'll feel immersed in the world of farming. You are literally in the driver's seat of these machines. You'll watch fields change before your eyes as you plow, seed, spray, and mow them. The music also provides a nice compliment to the gameplay and helps set the farming atmosphere.

Some Replay

While John Deere: Drive Green offers fifteen different missions, the game can be short. There are a limited number of vehicles or implements to buy with the John Deere dollars, and once you have bought them all you have no more use for the money. However, there are some things that may keep you playing even after that point. You can redo the jobs and try to be more efficient to earn more money (although the extra money won't help you). You can also continue to work on your own farm after completing the jobs and buying all the equipment using the knowledge and experience you gained.

Conclusion - Good For Those Looking For Farming Sims

John Deere: Drive Green would be a good choice for anyone looking for a realistic simulation game or interested in the unique farming experience of the game. Simple controls and gameplay make it suitable for all ages. You can tackle a variety of farming jobs with detailed and authentic John Deere machines, or maintain and improve your own farm.

While it may not last as long as you'd like, you'll still find the positive aspects more than outweigh the short length or similarity between jobs. Play John Deere: Drive Green and find out if you've got what it takes to be a farmer.



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