Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free SMS Sender Java Mobile 1.0.0

Free SMS Sender - Java is a mobile application which is able to connect to 12 SMS gateways and send SMS through these gateways using corresponding gateway's userid and password.These SMS gateways are-Way2SMS: 120 Chars,160by2: 120 Chars,ULTOO: 120 Chars,Full On SMS: 120 Chars,Site 2 SMS: 260 Chars,SMSAbc.com: 128 Chars,SmsSpark.com: 260 Chars, SMSFI.com: 138 Chars,Freesms8: 160 Chars,Sms440: 440 Chars,BhokaliSms: 440 Chars,IndyaRocks.com : 130 Chars 1-You can store your contact name and number using this application,2-You can group some contacts.,3-You can send an SMS to a contact number or a pre-stored contact,4-You can send an SMS to a group,5-You can send an SMS to all the contact stored in a .csv file or in a text file in which contact numbers are stored in comma separated form.

OS                         Handheld/Mobile Other, Java
Filesize                 46 kB
Language         English
Install Support Install and Uninstall
Requirements j2me, 2MB Memory space


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