Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to Tag All Facebook Friends In Post At Once

Today i will discuss that how to tag your all Facebook friends in a post with one click.The need of this trick is that whenever we post a photo or status then we want to add our friends in it but the major problem is that we have to add our friends manually one by one so it takes a long time so to keep avoid wastage of time today i will give you a important trick.
By the use of this trick you can easily add your all Facebook friends at once and can increase your post likes,however you can also tag them to increase your Facebook fan page likes.
Just follow some steps below very carefully.

Step 1. Make A Beautiful Post On Facebook.

Step 2. Got The Post Like in the Image below:
How to Tag All Facebook Friends In Post At Once

Step 3. Now Hold CTRL+SHIFT+J or F12 or Right Click, Select "Inspect Element" (Depending on your internet browser)

Step 4. You will see something at the buttom of your browser (Mozilla Firefox) or a New Window (Google Chrome)

Click On The Console Part of the Page, Then Paste the code below:

~ After Pasting the code above, Press Enter and reload the page you will see that all your friends will be tagged in the post.


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